Re: NTLK Connect MCU IMAC Ethernet ?

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 11:52:40 CDT

On 5/25/2000 8:43 AM, Rich Lindsay [] wrote:

>I have an iMac
>I have NCU
>I have new 3com card and drivers as listed on Victors site.
>I followed his instructions.
>Do I need any special cables to connect to NCU? Someone mentioned something
>a short while back.

You may need a crossover cable instead of a regular cable, if you don't
have an Ethernet hub. If the cables you got aren't labeled, you can tell
a crossover cable by looking at the order of the colored wires inside the
connector. If the order of colors in the connectors match, it's a
regular cable. If not, it's a crossover.

It's probably easier to just get a small 5 port hub for $50 or less.
Plug the Newton and the iMac into the hub and go. Also allows for future
expansion to more machines (and you can chain hubs, too.)

 - Bill

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