Re: NTLK PCMCIA Type II Adapter card and Compact Flash

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 15:25:08 CDT

Peter Apockotos wrote:

> Well if anyone wants me to send them the Newton PCMCIA DDK I
> will....this would be great we can get a lot more memory for less!
> At 09:55 AM -0400 05/25/2000, Laurent Daudelin wrote about Re: NTLK
> PCMCIA Type II Adapter card and Compact Flash:
> >Peter Apockotos wrote:
> >
> >> Has any one tried making a driver so that you can use a PCMCIA Type
> >> II Compact Flash Adapter card and Compact Flash? The DDK for the
> >> PCMCIA is located on apple's ftp server...has anyone even looked into
> >> this and if so is there progress?
> >
> >I'm unfortunately not aware of anybody working on this at this time, sorry.
> >
> >-Laurent.

What are the going prices for those compact flash cards? Anybody knows a bit what is required to interface such a card? I know that most people won't know, but who knows (or doesn't
know? Or what?)???

If I could get guidance from someone in the know-how, I might, and only might, gave it a try, once the application I'm working on is out. Any taker? I'm asking because it seems that
people seem to have some kind of expectation for that kind of driver. The problem in my case is even if I'm fairly experienced with NewtonScript and the overall Newton OS architecture,
I've never ventured into anything that more or less relate to a driver, so...

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