NTLK NuShields Explained

From: markr13 (markr13@voicenet.com)
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 19:21:41 CDT

>Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 21:32:48 -0800
>From: Andrew Sorensen <ajstudio@alaska.com>
>Subject: Re: NTLK NuShield

>I really like the NuShield - very satisfied user though I, like many,
>wish it were just a bit longer. Have the problem of dust getting
>underneath because it is just a tad short.
>Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 01:39:26 EDT
>From: AppleNewtonMan@aol.com
>Subject: Re: NTLK NuShield
>I'm not sure - I'm using my MP120 with these little thin plastic things that
>fit under the top and bottom of the screen. (Highly Scientific Description).
>Easy removal, but they go cloudy and scratchy very quickly

Ok, here's the story from the source.

Andrew- If you are seeing gaps on your screen, that is because the film
is not properly installed. NuShields are slightly longer than the screen
(0.5 mm on each end) so that with careful positioning, it will cover the
entire screen with no gaps. We could make them longer, but that would
make it much harder for a newbie to install. BTW, you should first clean
your screen before readjusting your NuShield since you mentioned that
dirt had collected in the gap.


Guy- What you have are NOT NuShields! NuShields last for months each.
Just ask the folks on this list or look at my reorder rate. People who
have purchased 4 NuShields over one year ago are still using the original
set. The bad news is that we don't stock NuShields for the MP1X0
machines, but Oz does. Go find NewtonOz's latest list of goodies at:


under the Newton Mall link.

The Folks at NuShield

NuShields, your best defense against screen scratches and abrasion.
Get them at: http://www.NuShield.net

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