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From: Peter Apockotos (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 22:37:21 CDT

I would suggest getting the battery from and
perform a search for emate and you will find the following for only
29.00 with free shipping!

Apple E-Mate 300 NiMH battery.
This NiMH battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed original
specifications and to be 100% original equipment compatible.

Warranty: 12 months
Price: $29.00 each.
Volts: 4.8
Amps: 1.3
Chemistry: NiMH
Dimensions: 4" x 1.08" x 0.55"
Notes: Shrink-wrapped battery with 4 wires and 5 pin connector.

At 05:56 PM -0500 04/24/2000, wrote about NTLK
Commercials and Batteries:
>Hello fellow Newtoneers!
> Hello. I have two questions for anyone that can amswer them.
>I remember it was a subject not to long ago, but can anyone tell me
>the address to the site housing the original MessagePad commercials
>are on? I don't have much room to save emails so I delete them on a
>regular basis and I deleted that e-mail.
> Second questions. I know this is a recurring problem for us
>eMate users. The battery on my eMate 300 will die one day and I want
>to be prepared. I tried calling NewtonOz but no one picks up. Is
>this the right number? 818-781-1009? What are some other
>alternatives? Is there a battery cradle for the eMate such as the
>one for the MP2x00? I have a battery pack that can be used which
>holds 8 AA batteries but don't want to rely on that? Also how long
>is the general life of an eMate battery or an MP2k for that matter.
> Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
>Ermin Mistica
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