Re: NTLK NuShield

From: John I. Clark (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 23:21:59 CDT

What with all the debate again, I had to chime in. Nothing against Mark
and his NuShield, I too think it's a decent product. It's just that, as
many have said, after using a 'Shield and then going back to naked....
It's just too nice! And, I have another point: use a different stylus!
The Cross Digital Writer really is amazing. Andrew Sorenson wrote: "I
feel like I'm cutting glass when using the stylus on a bare screen."
Well, try the Cross tip, you won't believe the difference. I just turned
my brother on to them, and he almost wouldn't let me have mine back!
Someone else mentioned (a ways back) that they'd "transplanted" a Cross
tip into their stock stylus. I tried that, and didn't get the length
quite right so the thing wouldn't lock into the 'Newt anymore. So, I
ordered more replacements from Cross, and discovered that they also make
a tip replacement for one of their double-ended pens (regular pen on one
end, stylus on the other), and it's bigger in diameter than the one
that's mounted on the tube that fits in a regular Cross pen. The larger
diameter tip fits quite nicely into the stock 'Newt stylus end (alright,
you DO have to do a little shaving down of the non-tapered end), it's
much easier to get right than trying to build up the other size to fit.
Of course, most of us have an old Cross pen lying around that you could
just slip a Digital Writer into...

Sorry to go on and on, but they really are far better than anything else
I've tried, and light years ahead of the stock stylus tip, THAT feels
like steel in comparison!

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