Re: NTLK Re: PCMCIA Type II Adapter card and Compact Flash

From: Ben Doughney (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 01:44:23 CDT

>Here are the questions:
>Who may be interested in an ATA interface to backup your data (plus
>some specific applications such as MP3) and have ponctual
>archive-like accesses?
>Who may be interested in a full ATA support? (i.e. like a Newton Store)
>considering that it won't be a good idea to have a very huge store.
>(anyway, there is very likely a limit) and that if the driver
>requires too low-level accesses, it would only be useful on MP2000,
>and if it requires too much memory, on MP2100.
>After this question, consider how much you are ready to pay.
>Initial fees (just to buy a card) is around 500 FF. ($80).
>Development time (approx.): 3 months of full-time work.
>I came to think that it probably doesn't interest enough people,
>especially considering that using the card as a store may never
>BTW, I still would like to get the Lantern DDK CD catalog, in order
>to check what I currently miss.

Just a thought, but would there be any way to patch the OS so it saw some
of the card as heap memory?

Ben Doughney

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