Re: NTLK NOS 2.1 with NIE 2.0 missing MCI MAIL

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 02:22:56 CDT

On 5/26/2000 7:23 PM, Peter Apockotos [] wrote:

>I have read the FAQ and there is no mention of how to access MCI MAIL
>with the 2.1 OS with all NIE 2.0 related files installed if I am
>overlooking something please tell me, this feature was in the 1xx

Is MCI Mail still around? I thought they would have folded years ago!

As far as I can remember, there's no way to access MCI Mail through the
newton In/out box on ANY model of Newton, but I certainly could be wrong.
   I don't recall it being a built-in feature on the 1xx units, either --
certainly not on the 100 or 130 I have. The built-in stuff on 1xx
Newtons was NEWTON MAIL (eWorld), not MCI Mail. Perhaps with third party
software??? Did you actually use this features personally? Have you
tried using the same software you used on the 1xx on the 2x00 or eMate
(whichever it is you're using?) There were/are email add-ons for
CompuServe, AOL, and QuickMail, among others, so it's certainly possible
someone did an MCI Mail one and I missed it, or some sort of scriptable

You could access MCI Mail from a NOS 2.1 machine with a terminal program,
though, such as PT100 or similar.

You wouldn't need NIE for this, as (unless they've changed) MCI Mail is
not an Internet service. They are just a dial up text interface mail
service (at least, they were when I had an account back in the '80s) If
they have Telnet access, you could use that over the Internet though,
even thru Ethernet on a NOS 2.1 machine.

 - Bill

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