NTLK Re: Simple Mail 4.0 - reply?

From: Pascal Massun (pascal.massun@skynet.be)
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 05:44:02 CDT

Steve wrote
>I have SM set to browse, so I get a nice list of what's
>on my mail server, then I check the ones I want and receive them. Then I
>them to view, read the message, but there's no way to reply that I see.
>looked in the routing menu and the little tag menu, but there's no reply
>option. Am I missing something? Seems to me I used to be able to reply to
>messages. Or did I dream it?

I'll try to see if I have the same while online.
I just checked it offline and I do find a reply option in the tag button.
(first button from 4)
So it could be that it lies in the restriction of SimpleMail: being not able
to switch from POP to SMPT.
If online SimpleMail could check whether you are online or not and if you
are disallow you to reply.

Pascal Massün @ Oostende.Belgium
IT Projectleader Euro 2002, KBC Bank&Insurance
"My taste is very simple, I'm always satisfied with the best."

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