Re: NTLK Macworld July 2000 issue

From: Stephen Beesley (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 19:39:06 CDT

On Sat, 27 May 2000 Ben Doughney wrote:

I think that the Psion is the next best thing to the Newton, but one of the problems is there is no built in handwriting recognition. The others are really just a joke, and can't really be used for much more than storing your daily schedule and some phone numbers

You are so right! I know that the original idea of the Newton was the PDA concept. But in my view Apple was right to market the MP2K as a handheld computer rather than a PDA. My uMP2k does service for e-mail, reading the Newsgroups, word processing, note taking and even the odd bit of web browsing. In fact all the things I would use my laptop for but without the size, weight and inconvenience. I am yet to be convinced that any of the Palm or Pocket PC offerings will give me the same functionality .

That said, the Psion is the closest and most tempting alternative that I have seen to date. indeed I seriously considered a Psion 5/5mx as an alternative when I upgraded from my MP130. If only it had a proper HWR solution available-maybe the new EP0C powered Quartz devices....

My Aus $0.02 (onlyUS $0.012 these days!)

Stephen Beesley

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