NTLK Re: Web based email

From: Liz Kaiser (ehkaiser@sonic.net)
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 13:20:00 CDT


The first time I tried Eudora Mail I also got that message about frames. I
thought it was not going to work, but gave it one more try. Seems there is a
radio button farther down (on the login screen) where you can check frames
or nonframes version. When I made sure the nonframes version was used,
everything worked fine. Liz

>In the earlier thread on this topic someone posted a note claiming that
>they were able to get Eudora mail with NetHopper. I have tried to access
>my account but all I was able to receive was a notice that I need to
>have a browser that supports frames. Am I missing something? After
>messing with the prefs I got NewtScape to pick up email on Yahoo, but it
>was very, very slow :-(. My life would be easier in a number of ways if
>I make the switch to web based mail, but the seeming inability of my
>Newton to easily function in this venue is a major deterrent. Any ideas?
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