Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 00:59:36 CDT


> I found the appropriate website and tried to down load the upgrades , but
>the G3 I have just wouldn't do it. It kept giving me an error message along
>the lines that the "shrinkwrap engine" had failed.
Ahh.. this is a problem with OS9.. it won't recognize the older floppy
format, you'll have to mount the image disk on an older OS I believe
8.5-6 should do it
 I suggest if you have a removable (external HD,Zip,Jaz or anything)
install a basic system say.. 7.5 or anything you have on hands boot
from the disk and put a copy of the Aladdin stuff -- Shrik Wrap,stuffit
etc.. and you are set for the future.
You can also try with an older MacOS on CD, there is usually a copy of
DiskCopy which will enable you to mount the img. file.


Luca F

"Mac to the future"

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