Re: NTLK How - Find out if a note is in a NBU backup

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 04:51:54 CDT

>if there is a particular note in a NBU backup file or is it
>possible to do a text search in a NBU file with some tool?
>Would Newton Connection Utilities perform this task, or can't
>this program handle NBU files?

I have no idea of the format for NBU files, but the data is there,
unencrypted. Considering that the notes are very probably coded in
Unicode, if you know what was in the note, you can perform a text
search, as you said, with tools that will accept that.

Because of Unicode, the best is to use a regexp, since a C-string
ends with '\0', therefore looking for H\0e\l\0l\0o (if you ever were
able to input that) may end with most software to look for H.

You can use the MPW regular expressions or BBEdit's.
In the first case, try something like /h?e?l?l?o/
In the second, h.e.l.l.o

Hope this helps,


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