Re: NTLK NCU - beyond the beta?

Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 09:00:24 CDT

Please let me know, too. My son has to turn in his eMate at school and we'd
like to save his papers in NewtWorks. My NCU, downloaded from Apple some
time ago while they were giving it away, errors out on the NewtWorks Export
button with the error "Claris XTND system not installed". Well, it is
installed; it's just not working. Since I don't have the disk images anymore
I can't reinstall it on the desktop Mac. We've only got a few more days so I
hope someone can direct me to the disk images.

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I know this has been asked many times before, so before I wrote this I

diligently checked the FAQ.

I have an MP2100 (upgraded) but all I have is the NCU expired beta. I tried

all the links mentioned in the FAQ, but none of them had the NCU.

I'd also be willing to pay Apple for this software, but I did a search on

their page and came up with nothing.

Can someone give me the straight deal on this piece of software? I

desperately want to sync at least my notepad with some type of app on my PC!

Thanks in advance...


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