Re: NTLK Spotted - New Newton !!??

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 15:08:18 CDT

on 29-05-2000 4:00, Jeremy Shepherd at wrote:

> I'm surprised anyone would buy an Apple PDA again after the sleazy way we were
> abandoned in '98 with the -10061 bug still crippling our machines. Even today
> the bug has only been "worked around" in a pretty kludgy way and not solved.

Well even if we were abandoned, and I agree we were, hell the machine
defends itself.
I don't expect anything from Apple anymore though R&D isn't what it used to
be anymore especially in the PDA field AFAIK.
And it would take some massive investments to come up with something as good
or (preferably) better.
Don't forget that most of the experts of the time are elsewhere now.

> The only way I would ever buy an Apple PDA again would be if Steve Jobs
> personally delivered it to me along with an apology for leaving Newton users
> with damaged goods.

Nah, I'll take a better PDA, even if it came from Bill Gates who I trust
even less than Steve Jobs.
The point being, it's not about trusting these guys, it's about great
machines. (and these two don't have an inkling what makes a great PDA,
didn't' Jobs name the Newton something like a "scribblepad that doesn't even
have a keyboard")

Robert Benschop

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