Re: NTLK Spotted - New Newton !!??

From: Chris Ruprecht (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 18:27:22 CDT

Fellow Newtoneers,

>Totally true! I concur. Tried even the Psion, can't replace my Newt. ;-)
>BTW, I wonder why then $J didn't try to buy Psion?!? Geee, it's got
>a keyboard!!!
>LOL!!! ROFL!!!
>>Nah, I'll take a better PDA, even if it came from Bill Gates who I trust
>>even less than Steve Jobs.
>>The point being, it's not about trusting these guys, it's about great
>>machines. (and these two don't have an inkling what makes a great PDA,
>>didn't' Jobs name the Newton something like a "scribblepad that doesn't even
> >have a keyboard")

Be that as it may ... I was just told, that this Apple guy, Shiller,
or what his name is, publicly declared that there are NO, I repeat
"NO!" plans for any Apple PDA in the future. There will be no
successor to the Newton and there will be no Palm OS (with Apple
extensions) like device from Apple. He also said, that he wishes that
people would stop spreading rumors that there is something in the
pipeline, as there isn't anything.

What does that tell me? That my Newton is worth more than it's weight
in gold (or diamonds or whatever else there is).

Best regards,

Chris Ruprecht
Network grunt and bit pusher extraordinaíre
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