Re: NTLK Spotted - New Newton !!??

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 02:26:55 CDT

on 30-05-2000 6:40, Bill Davis at wrote:

> While I'm not at all happy with Stevie's decision with the Newton, I am
> VERY pleased with his results turning Apple around from the death-spiral
> that Sculley/Spindler/Amelio had it in.

I didn't mention that, but I totally agree there, happy that my Mac isn't a
"dead" product.

> I currently own and use a Palm IIIx as well as 4 Newtons from OMP to 2100
> (mostly the 2100)

makes you wonder why ;-)

> but I'd love them to get together
> with the folks that produced the clever foldable keyboard for them (which
> is roughly the same size as a Palm III, but a little thicker) and make a
> PDA that unfolds to the size of the Newton or so, with a large
> screen.....and then license the HWR tech from Apple! THAT _might_ be a
> truly adequate replacement for a Newton.

Now there I totally agree, sounds like the ultimate dream machine, maybe in
10 years ?

Robert Benschop

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