Re: NTLK [PROGRAMMING] "Programming For The Newton" example code

From: Ching Yi Tsai (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 14:41:40 CDT

I have solved my problem. The problem is that I didn't know that child
template needs to be declared before the parent template or the sibling
template can access their slots.

One more question, doesn't it nullify the OOD's idea of Encapsulation?
Other objects can directly access the declared object's slots?

Paul Guyot wrote:
> Ching Yi Tsai asked:
> >Also, how does one frame access another frame's slot? For example, I
> >have a button called SearchButton, and I want it to be able to access
> >the text slot in a clParagraphView.
> If you do have a frame (say theFrame or theParagraph), the NS syntax
> is theFrame.theSlot. If the slot's name is in a variable (or a
> const), you do theFrame.(theVariableWhichIsEqualToTheSlotSymbol).
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