Re: NTLK Spotted -- New Newton?!

From: Chris Browder (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 04:32:42 CDT

>Be that as it may ... I was just told, that this Apple guy, Shiller,
>or what his name is, publicly declared that there are NO, I repeat
>"NO!" plans for any Apple PDA in the future. There will be no
>successor to the Newton and there will be no Palm OS (with Apple
>extensions) like device from Apple. He also said, that he wishes that
>people would stop spreading rumors that there is something in the
>pipeline, as there isn't anything.
>What does that tell me? That my Newton is worth more than it's weight
>in gold (or diamonds or whatever else there is).
>Best regards,
>Chris Ruprecht
>Network grunt and bit pusher extraordina=EDre

Dearest Chris.....

If you visit As The Apple turns (http://
and look at the reruns (bottom of the page) it has some info on Shiller
and his "There is no new product" when there was (ex was the iMac I
believe....) and yet rumors still come of a new Apple PDA .. I'm staying
optomistic and this is my hypothesis:

Disney has been Newton-based in their surveys since the 130 came about.
They STILL use 2100s (I saw them with my own eyes last summer and may
again this summer and will take photos). Disney is 'acquiring' Apple
because they are working on the 'digital filming revolution' with Sony to
use 16:9 compression with a G4 and Sony Camera to do real work digital
video for big screens (reads: Hollywood takeover, or planned equivellant
of). Sounds like a money thing, right? I think that they are also
acquiring Apple to either extend their Newton repair contract or create a
Hybrid device that will allow them to import their specially made Newton
programs to a Palm device (same size with features of the Newton) and
allow the sureys to continue. That, or, make some New devices (God forbid
Apple make special Newtons for one company, I'd have to steal one!) to
replace the 2100 with some minor improvements or (more likely) make some
"Apple Survey" machines (newton OS, but doens't say Newton MessagePad)
with extended warranties and help on it. That's just my thought. IF Apple
does extend the warranty or make Disney a new device, anyone want to
assist me in unarming one of the servey team member's units for
"examination" (you'll have to get your own if you want it!!!). A funny
note about their 2100s too -- they use the Hide Toolbar program, and all
of their software is loaded as data files. Aparently the app that reads
the files runs constantly inhe background and they tap these little door
icons (I thought they were storage icons at first) and it opens in the BG
and they enter their login info and what park they are in and do the
surveys. Interesting, isn't it? ANd I doubt Apple would refuse to make a
Disney Device seeing as how they will now officially own everyhting.
(Where is the anti-trust lawyers when we need them?!)

- Chris B.

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