RE: NTLK Schlumberger

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 10:25:38 CDT

>As soon as I can: I'm thinking about to buy it but I'm a bit affraid.
>Why? I would like to know if the memory limit on a 2000 is a real handicap.

The best answer is: depends on the use you make of it. If you do
manage big works documents, do web surfing, or other high memory use
tasks, yes it is a handicap.
In general, having 4 MB of RAM is better than just 1 for comfort.
I personally upgraded 2 years ago because I had the choice between
freezing more packages, stop using the search function in works
documents (later, I found it was a bug in the OS which I fixed) and
restarting from time to time and leaving my Newton into Apple
Engineers' hands for a month or two.

I preferred the upgrade option, but I suggest that you try first.

>Can you give me some examples where the 2000 is limited with his 5 MB RAM ?
Sorry, it is not 5 MB, but 1 MB + 4MB for storage which is in fact
Flash, and 8 MB for ROM.



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