Re: NTLK eBatts and eMate Batteries

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 14:01:21 CDT

on 30-05-2000 8:07, Karen M. Lee at wrote:

> Hi All,
> Come to find out through emails and phone calls -
> 1. eBatts can rebuild an already existing eMate 300 battery.
> 2. They DO NOT have eMate batteries in stock (they can not get the
> connectors to manufacture them)
> Hope this helps.
> Karen

Thanks for the update, which in turn prompts me into posting my rewritten,
corrected and updated "how to replace your own eMate batteries while not
spending too much"
BTW, did the prior version make it into the FAQ, in case it did can somebody
replace it with this one and in case it didn't, I think this one is the
final one, so can somebody put it in there (Paul, Bill......)

Manual to replace the battery pack in your eMate:

To replace your eMate batteries you'll need a torx 8 screwdriver and 4 NiMH
batteries preferably with soldering lips on them of at least 1200 mAh (the
higher the better) and basic soldering skills, nothing too fancy.
Before you proceed with this, first make a backup (or if you're the careful
type, two) and then open the little lid on the back of your eMate next to
the handle with the torx 8 screwdriver.
Your battery pack is the dark rectangular shaped thing that lies in it's own
recessed place on the top (I'm considering the handle as the top side of the
On the right hand side you'll see a couple of wires coming from the battery
pack that attach to the eMate with a little white plug.
Slide the plug off so that you can lift out the battery pack.
Open the hard plastic outer casing so that you'll have the actual batteries
in your hands still in the plastic wrapping.
Cut away the wrapping, replace the old batteries with the new ones in hte
same order of course, while soldering the connections back exactly the way
they were !
(don't forget the temperature sensor, just solder it back in the same spot
on your new batteries, this is about the only moment you really have to pay
attention, so that the temperature sensor will still be working)
If you want to keep everything really neat put heatshrink around the four
batteries so that they're as neat and tidy as the original pack.
Put the hard plastic outer casing back on, reconnect, close the lid,
charge and away you go, happy forever after.
(or at least for another couple of years)
In case you put in i.e. 1600 mAh batteries you'll get even longer lasting
battery life as a bonus.

Robert Benschop

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