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From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 04:54:28 CDT

>Dakkar wrote:
>> I suppose it has something to do with platform files. Are they included
>> with the NTK package? Or should I download them separately? Where do I put
>> them?
>This sounds very likely. AFAIR, are they stored inside their folder
>(platform files) next to the NTK application. There is also the
>ROM-images which might be missing in your installation.

You mean ROM Maps, don't you?
ROM Maps are used for profiling only.
ROM Images are used with low level debuggers which are useless with
NS development.

The structure should be the following:
Newton Toolkit
Toolkit.pkg (optional, if present NTK will offer to download it)
Inspector (automatically created)
globalData (optional, allows to customize some behaviors)
ROM Maps (a folder, required for profiling)
        A ROM Map for your MP. (for MP2100, use 2.1 (717145) and
rename it to 2.1 (710031))
Platforms (a folder, required)
        MessagePad (required)
        MessagePad Defs (optional, just useful. (it's a BBEdit document))
        Newton 2.0 idem...
        Newton 2.0 Defs
        Newton 2.1
        Newton 2.1 Defs
        Various Release Notes (optional)
Newton Debug Tools 2.2 (a folder, optional, in fact can be anywhere)

Latest versions for platforms are:
MessagePad: 1.5d2
2.0/2.1: 1.2b2

All this stuff can be downloaded at PlanetNewton and/or

(for complete links, go to the faq, development section)



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