RE: NTLK Avantgo Why

From: Bradley Smith (
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 04:08:38 CDT

Well yes you are missing something here and I'd like t address a couple of
points :-)

No matter what the orientation of the screen surfing the web on a Newton is
anything but "a prety darn good internet surfing experience". It's just too

The main problem is that most web pages these days are just too rich for
realistic use on any of the current PDAs - and that inludes Newtons I'm
afraid. It's not the fault of the PDAs really it's the web designers who all
assume your running IE5.5 on a Windows based 500MHz Pentium with half a gig
of ram, oh and that you have a fibre optic link directly to their web

What AvantGo does is provide a set of guidelines for web developers that
says (basically) if you want your web pages to be usable on the largest PDA
platform on the planet (Palm) and the platform that has delusions of
grandeur (CE, Pocket PC, whatever you wanna call it) then follow this set of
rules and they'll all look okay. In addition they provide a way of stripping
down existing websites to their basics (with limited success it has to be

I have tried surfing the web on my Newt and it's painful to say the least
(I've used a 33.6 modem and also a very fast direct internet link at work
using an ethernet card in the Newton). The biggest problem is the graphics:
It's one thing to set your browser to not download the graphics but it's
better to have the website not contain any in the first place.

Okay, I've rambled on long enough. Basically I think AvantGo is a great idea
and if they did a Newton version I bet 99% of the people here would start
using it.

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