RE: NTLK Avantgo Why

From: Bradley Smith (
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 09:17:16 CDT

> Gah! Avantgo is no different from any other web site.
> Avantgo pages are
> mostly valid HTML. Avantgo does not require the crappy
> little "Avantgo
> client" or whatever it is that Palm gives you. Every single
> Avantgo site
> has a valid http:// URL.

Wrong, Avantgo pages are *guaranteed* to have no Java, or RealPlayer, or
JavaScript, or VBScript, or Big animations, or Shockwave etc.

> Now someone has to compile a list
> of these sites
> and compile it into a book using Newt's Cape.

Why does someone have to compile these sites into a list if they're no
different from any other web sites? Surely you can just go vist the
original, non-avantgo, versions of the sites in all their gargantuan
splendour? Well, no you can't because it's TOO SLOW to view it on a

I think you just shot your own argument down on this one.

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