Re: NTLK New newton user questions

From: Carlos Pessoa (
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 17:00:50 CDT

Hi all,
I suggest that all of you that are having problems
with your HWR should try the "Corrector+" package.
It's free!!! It's available to download at
I set it up to recognize the II to " and voil!!! It
worked wonderfully!!! I think you all should try it!
I also had a problem with the Newton HRW engine! Every
time I write an "o" solely, the newton recognize it
like an "0" (zero). Then I installed the Corrector+
and my problems are gone!

I also have a question about the Cursive HWR! Does it
recognize special characters like "", "", "", ""
etc.? Or its is just recognized by the Printed HWR


--- Victor Rehorst <> escreveu: > On
Fri, 4 Aug 2000, Laurent Daudelin wrote:
> > Check how you draw your apostrophes. There must be
> something the Newton
> > doesn't like. In the handwriting preferences, make
> sure you have
> > selected "cursive" (I'm sure you did, but just in
> case). Then, check the
> > Handwriting Settings from the Options popup, still
> in Handwriting
> > preferences. Make sure that you have
> letter-by-letter checked there for
> > fields and notes, and make sure that "Learn my
> handwriting" is checked.
> My only *big* problem with Newton HWR are my
> apostrophes. I cringe every
> time I try to write a contraction. When I try to
> write an apostrophe as a
> tick, it becomes an "i" or a cedille, and when I try
> to write it as a
> superscript comma, it comes out as a normal comma.
> A semi-related question: is there any way to
> suppress the interpretation of
> international characters on an English 2100? I'm
> tired of these letters
> popping up either in the recognized word or in the
> corrections list.
> > Then, go over the letter shapes. Deactivate any
> shape for any letter
> > that you're not using. That will give the
> handwriting system a jump
> > start in learning your handwriting.
> Laurent, I had no clue that this dialog ever
> existed. Probably because I
> have never used the cursive engine before. Thank
> you!!

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