Re: NTLK Purchasing Rights to the Newton...?

From: Peter Apockotos (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 02:59:44 CDT

But what I said neither confirmed or denied anything and I most certainly
did not provide any proprietary information of any kind, what I meant was
there may be something in the works but that I could not tell you much
more..mainly because I am waiting on more information and it is not new
information that Apple will not be selling their Newton Technology, many
companies have tried this and Apple has said no, and don't forget I am the
one that told you all about I remember a time when
someone figured that was to be a new mac but it turned
out to be Darwin OpenSource Project.

on 08/05/2000 03:04 AM, at wrote:

> On Sat, 5 Aug 2000, Peter Apockotos wrote:
>> Sorry guys that is all I can say or I should not have said at all, don't
>> look for it too soon and don't expect in the "PDA" for you have grown to
>> love.
> Any information about a future apple device would very likely be
> considered a trade secret and under NDA. Revealing any informationa bout
> it, or even its existance, would be a violation of your or somebody else's
> legal obligations. You stated that you shoudlnt' have said anything. You
> are aware that this is something you should not be talking about.
> Earlier you were attacking others for unknowingly (in most cases) copying
> unsupported software. Now you are willfully revealing proprietary
> information. Perhaps it isn't very detailed, and we really do have no
> reason to believe that you have accurate information here, but you are
> claiming to have violated your obligations by revealing this information.
> Don't attack other people for their supposed wrongdoings and then turn
> right around and break the law yourself. It does not reflect well on your
> believability.
> gopi.
> (Perhaps I am being overly antagonistic or nasty here, but for somebody
> who was just complaining about people copying NCU I find the divulging of
> supposedly secret information in public to be entirely inappropriate. I
> still do not believe that Apple will produce anything that will in any way
> truly compete with the Newton, but that's another story...)

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