Re: NTLK WHERE do I find a more up to date alternative to NCU?

From: Matt Blomeley (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 17:11:17 CDT


>I believe ACT! 2000 still supports Act! for Newton, if you can get your
>hands on a copy through eBay or something. It synchs pretty well and the
>desktop ACT! interfaces well with the Microsoft Office stuff, at least on a
>Windows box. Of course, it is about the priciest contact manager

I did use ACT! 4 for a while on an old pc I had before I went totally
to mac's, but the synch took hours (I mean hours!) so I flagged it.

Some (misinformed probably) Symantec dude told me the contrary a
while back regarding ACT! 2000 supporting Newton, so I just bought a
couple of Mac PIM apps and forgot about getting ACT! 2000 for Windows.

Looks like I will have to use the 'Now up to date and contact' synch
utility which is still up with the latest "Now Up.." version, now
owned by Power On Software.

Also, If there is anyone out there wanting a copy of the discontinued
ACT! for Newton to try out for interests sake, let me know (I posted
a message on a site I can't recall, think it was macinsites, and
received ACT! for newt from a really helpful guy. ACT! for Mac was
stopped way back at Vers 2.8, damn it, I thought it was a pretty
versatile organizer for my line of sales). I noticed that some Newton
sites had/have a ACT! for Newton 'update' to download, but this
required the original ACT! (which is unavailable), so here it is.

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