RE: NTLK Best E-mail client

From: Brian McEwen (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 15:08:06 CDT

>You should use Fetch mail with a Unix slip account. You could consider Aloha
>(if AOL has dial-up access near you); At present it's no longer supported,
>but the demo works for 15 days. You could also use a telnet client to attach
>to a unix account, but that's basically what Fetch does.

        GoFetch shell worked fine for me for sending, but had problems when
receiving more than 5 or 10 messages at a time (even small ones).

        But it mostly works. And you can set it to only download unread,
and keep the batches of downloaded message really small and it might be
reliable enough for receives. Mostly I just sent mail.

        If you had a different experience with gofetch shell, I'd like to
hear about it- I used it for a while with my MP120/2.0 (and I still have
this MP and a spare modem...).


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