RE: NTLK Re: A message from you contained offensive text

From: Mark Paulhus (
Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 13:41:47 CDT

I wonder if what has been happening occasionally with my email is related to
my subscription to this list.

I've been getting messages that appear to have been sent by me to NTLK, but
I never sent them. When I receive them, they are getting filtered as junk
email and never making it to the NTLK folder I have set up in Outlook. Even
stranger, since the junk filter is processed after all other filters. In
any case, the messages in question are all signed by persons other than
myself. In a few cases by the same person, but there is another.

Oh yeah, I also received a wise-a** reply from someone who apparently
thought I was someone else.

Since I rarely post (enjoy reading though) to NTLK, it seems unlikely that
someone might have clicked the wrong button in their emailer.


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> A mail message with subject Re: Subject: Re: NTLK Purchasing Rights to the
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> As it may contain words and/or phrases which are inappropriate for
> usage.
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Could the person subscribed to NewtonTalk through this server please
resubscribe from another email address ?

Robert Benschop

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