NTLK WHERE do I find a working archive download of Claris Organizer 2.1?

From: Matt Blomeley (mbl@mac.com)
Date: Sat Aug 12 2000 - 19:02:48 CDT

WHERE do I find a 'working' archive/download of Claris Organizer 2.1?

After recent posts regarding Now up to Date and Claris Organizer etc,
I have decided to fully hand over the the trusty old newt 2000 to my
wife (just not effective enough for my business anymore, still a cool
tool though!) and want to set her up with simple stuff that works
easily, hence I need a working archive of Claris Organizer 2.1 as I
don't have a copy anymore (I have all the other stuff I need to rig
it up for her).

The .sit archive at the Newton Cage page just spouts a load of
gibberish, so is there another site out there? Or is someone with a
fast connection out there willing to email me a copy of the
installer??? Any help would be much appreciated and would keep a new
newton user (i.e. my wife) happy!! Even if it is only an earlier
version, I did manage to download 'Organizer 2.0v2 Updater' from
somewhere so I could work with a pre 2.0 version.

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