Re: NTLK Siemens Newton Phone

From: J. van de Griek (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 04:55:19 CDT

RAV wrote:

> How much are those phones? Will they work in USA?
> Robert

The one with the Newton is at about $50 now (DM115), and they are normal
analog phones, meaning that they very probably will work in the US (whether
it's legal to use them is another thing, though...).

But the seller states "versand nur nach Deutschland", the German equivalent
of the much-hated eBay phrase "Will ship to United States only".

I have noticed, however, that if you email a seller, explain that you are
a serious overseas bidder, and direct them to your flawless feedback record,
they will usually cave in and agree to ship worldwide.


PS Heck, that OMP with the "Siemens" brand badge is worth $50 by itself, if
you ask me!

Joost van de Griek
Applications Developer
Yacht ICT

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