From: John Mark Davis (backlot@swbell.net)
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 20:44:05 CDT

....if this is your situation:

You connect up your Newton 2000/2100 to your Mac via AppleTalk (either
directly to an AppleTalk network or to an AppleTalk-to-Ethernet bridge to
your Ethernet network.) You've got this nice, sleek, black Newton, and this
nice, sleek, black dongle, and you've got to connect this ugly-ass AppleTalk
connector to it. Wish you could use your nice, sleek, black Newton serial


Buy a DIN-8 Female to Female Gender Changer. That way you can connect the
AppleTalk connector to the nice, sleek, black Newton serial cable via the
Gender Changer. Problem is -- THESE ARE HARD TO FIND. But here's where you
can find them . . .

Contact MacWarehouse. DataComm Warehouse doesn't have them. MacWarehouse
can get them for you through another one of their companies, Cables-To-Go,
an outfit specializing in hard-to-find cables. Call MacWarehouse and ask
for a DIN-8 Female to Female Gender Changer, and be sure to tell them the
part number, VW55206. Without the part number, the salesperson will try to
find it in his MacWarehouse catalog (it's not there) and then will think it
must be in his DataComm catalog (it's not there, either). With the part
number, to his surprise he will find the adapter in his database with the
listing "Cables-To-Go" next to it. (He will probably tell you he never even
heard of Cables-To-Go!) They're $9.99 each. The shipping will cost you
more than the adapter, so order four, so you can print from every corner of
your home!

Now you can hide that ugly AppleTalk connector box over the back of your
desk, while that nice, sleek, black Newton cable lays on your desktop just
waiting to be connected to your nice, sleek, black dongle on your nice,
sleek, black Newton.

[Note: The Newton dongle is a DIN-9 but the black serial cable is a DIN-8
(same connector, just 8 pins instead of 9). The AppleTalk connector is also

[Disclaimer: To print from every corner of your home, you will also need
three more nice, sleek, black Newton serial cables.] :(

John Mark Davis

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