NTLK Re: newtontalk V1 #92

From: Steve Dockery (sdockery@gte.net)
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 08:07:29 CDT

Joost wrote:

> Okay, time to seperate the wannabees from the REAL collectors ;-)

You got me beat. Here's my computer collection to date:

Commodore VIC 20
Commodore 64
Digital DECMate
Digital MicroVax III
Mac 512ke (my first Mac)
Mac Plus
Mac SE
Mac IIsi
Quadra 650
Quadra 950
Performa 6320CD
Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh
iMac DV
iBook Blueberry
iBook SE
Newton MP110
Newton MP120
Newton MP130

Plus a bunch of peripherals, t-shirts, literature and posters. (I most
recently got a bunch of Apple promotional videos, including two about the
Newton from 1993.)

-Steve Dockery

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