NTLK Newton NIE and NCU question

From: Bob Strenger (powersongs@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 10:23:52 CDT

Hello all,

 I used to own an MP2K when they first came out. I was the creator of the Newton 2000 Underground
web page. At that time I was up on everything that had to do with this incredible PDA. However,
I sold my MP2K long ago and have forgoten a bit about it since. Recently (after trying all other
PDA's since, I've determined that the MP2x00 is still the best around. So I decided to buy one
again! I got it on eBay (of course). Actually, I'm still awaiting it's arrival. I have 2

1) Wasn't the last release of the NIE, version 2.0? Or was it 1.1? Is there anywhere I can find
   that last released version to download?

2) I noticed a lot of people auctioning the NCU CD from the MP2100. Isn't there a site where
   people can get the same software that is on that CD? Or do I have to buy a 2100 CD to get
   that particular software. Of course I'm in search of all the latest utilities that came
   with the Newton 2100.


-Bob Strenger


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