Re: NTLK Connecting to interent via AppleTalk

From: J. van de Griek (
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 11:59:59 CDT

jceaser wrote:

> I have a 2100 with no ethernet card and a local network with a linux
> to the internet. Is there a way to browes web pages from my newton using
> appletalk as a connection? The only option I see is MacIP. What does
> do and can I get it?

MacIP is TCP/IP tunneled through AppleTalk; TCP/IP packages repackaged into
APpleTalk packages and then transmitted over AppleTalk.

> Network info:
> [internet]->eth0 (Linux Gatway) eth1[dhcp]->
> ethernet (G3Mac w/ localTalk Bridge control pannel)
> serial (Newton 2100)

If your G3 can act as a MacIP gateway, you're set. Set it up to route
ethernet to MacIP, and set up your Newton to access the G3 router through


Joost van de Griek
Applications Developer
Yacht ICT

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