NTLK Newts on TV (was Re: Newtons in the Movies)

From: Point Mutation (locutus@hawaii.rr.com)
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 22:00:58 CDT

Not sure if someone already threw this in, but There was a Newt used on an
"The Outer Limits" episode. I believe the episode was called "The Second
Soul." The airdate was around '95. It was about aliens using dead human
bodies as hosts and one of the main characters left a suicide note in his
Newton. The shot it up close so you could read the note on the screen and
it looked like an MP120. They changed the look of the case a little, but no
doubt, it was a Newt.


on 8/16/00 5:17 PM, Chris Browder at Chris.Browder@Lroom.org wrote:

> Pandora's Clock and Herbie the Love Bug and (say it with me now) Under siege
> II (and let's not forget batman and robin with -- ALFRED'S TAM -- but more
> importantly, Alicia Silverstone [batgirl]'s eMate!)

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