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Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 17:01:43 CDT

on 8/19/00 10:09 AM, Khaled Tewfik at wrote:

> In case you have not noticed, most Palms do not even have any sort of PC
> card support and I doubt if the one you have even got it. I am glad to see
> the Palm gain functionality. I will switch once it had gained enough to
> resemble what the Newton is since years. For the time being I would only buy
> it as a satellite hand held to the Newton, and that is only because of its
> size and basic functionality.

I really don't want to turn this into a Palm rah-rah thread, since I really
do understand the value, but I post to at least make sure that information
is accurate.

It is true that Palms do not have PC card support, but in case you haven't
noticed, PC cards are quickly disappearing from the computing landscape.
They are being replaced by Compact Flash and Memory Sticks, both which are
supported by Palm clones that are either presently available (TRG) or which
will be shipping soon (Sony). My Handspring has a Springboard module which
promises further expansion as memory and peripheral devices (plus many
wireless options) and Palm has announced support for SD cards.

And while I do have to struggle with the size of my Palm screen, it is due
to the smaller form factor that I don't even have to consider a satellite to
may handheld. The truth is that the convenience of carrying my data
EVERYWHERE far outweighs dealing with the size limitations of the Palm. When
I had my Newton, I also used a Rex so that I could always carry my data no
matter where I went, but that turned out to be a synchronization nightmare
between my desktop, laptop, Newton and address organizer, as well as not
allowing me the option to carry e-mail and web clippings unless I had space
to carry something bigger.

Of course, in the end, each individual uses his tools as he sees fit.
However, after many years of devoted Newton use, along with use of many of
its supporting hardware (hi-speed modem cards with cellular connections;
ethernet cards for printing, synchronizing and broadband access; keyboard,
etc), I have come to the realization that the utility of my Newton is
nearing the end.


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