Re: NTLK Cadenza syncs over Ethernet

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sun Aug 20 2000 - 00:37:22 CDT

On 8/17/00 7:30 AM, Lui Frimmel [] wrote:

>>Not true. AppleTalk over LocalTalk is limited to 230kbps, but AppleTalk over
>>Ethernet uses the full available bandwith of the Ethernet connection, which
>>is (in theory) 10Mbps. It is true that AppelTalk is a rather verbose
>>protocol compared to, say, TCP/IP, but still, AppleTalk over Ethernet is
>>*way* faster than any serial connection, including LocalTalk.
>The difference backing up a 32 MB card via serial/PC 115000and
>was exactly 4 minutes and the measured speed was less than 230000 for the G3
>still more than double the time than using card/card backup.
>Dont know why, but any Mac from Quadra 900 to G3 didnt like the 32MB card-
>needed 2-4 attempts anytime I tried. The first full working backup I got on
>a PC ..
>(beside the card/card backup that really works nice and safe)

I'd say you have something wrong with your Ethernet setup, or a busy,
busy network.

Using NCU to back up my Newton 2100 AND it's 20MB card used to take
about an hour over LocalTalk. It takes about 10 minutes or less on

This is a FULL backup, not incremental. I never do incrementals.

 - Bill

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