Re: NTLK Writing 2x00 drivers.

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 09:59:32 CDT

>A friend is about to take a job at Lucent, writing WaveLan drivers.
>He's also an MP2000 user and fan.
>Don't everybody cheer at once. And after that project is done, the
>next one is to do voice-over-IP for the Newton. Just imagine...

Well, we'll need a better NIE for that I'm afraid. See my message in
a bottle I sent on csnp.

>So, we wonder if anyone knows anything about writing Newton drivers.
>He's not starting from scratch writing drivers, but is starting from
>scratch doing low-level Newton programming.

So we'll get three people working on those.

>If you have anything to suggest, please Cc: me, as I don't always
>get all the postings. Thanks.

I'm ready to help whoever wants to program on the Newton (in
particular at the lowest level) in the reasonable limit of my time
and my knowledge. You can post questions to my mailbox, my NPDS
server or on NTLK/csnp,where, like most other developers around, I
always try to answer technical questions as they arrive.

Additionaly, you can contact the two developers working (separately)
on such an issue, Gopi Flaherty and Hiroshi Noguchi. They both have a
good knowledge of the newton bowels and they may be of better help
than what I can provide.



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