RE: NTLK Also on the Kung Fu site...

From: Bradley Smith (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 03:44:41 CDT

To confirm:

You need the Stripe1.21.pkg to get you the new default stripey background.
When I installed it wanted it on an external store for some reason?
Soon as you do this your button bar background should be stripey (no reboot
needed when I did it).
The other packages are alternate backgrounds that you can optionally
install. Any that you do install become available to choose by going to the
Newton prefs program.

> Robert, did you also install the Stripe1.21.pkg? I think this is the
> main program, newtbar.pkg is only the button bar background picture.
> Note that I had to reboot my Newton after installing to get
> it to work.
> Regards,
> Till
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