RE: NTLK A Coding Call to Arms: Hotline

From: Bradley Smith (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 08:59:10 CDT

I totally agree.

A decent synch solution would be great. However, take a look at the Psion
user groups. Those guys are forever moaning about how bad their synching is
and it's *much* better that what we've got. Anyone wanting to do this for
money would be better off writing it for the Psion products (don't lynch me
yet, I'm going somewhere with this). You'd sell at least 10 times the
quantity, probably more like 100 times. I'd probably get a Psion if it
wasn't for their built-in screen connector flaw that Psion refuse to
aknowlege (series 5, dunno about the 5mx yet but it looks like it'll have
the same problem). Anyway, my point is you're not going to get this written
unless it's by someone so passionate about the Newt that they'd do it for
themselves - IMHO. If someone did then you might get a few people prepared
to buy it.


> Let me guess. I think #1 is already fulfilled by Paul with the ATA
> driver. Then, I think that the next thing high on the list, that many
> people would kill for, is a seamless synchronizing solution. I've
> constantly heard people complaining about that, saying how easy it was
> with the Palm, and how difficult and flakey it is with the Newton.
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