Re: NTLK Me & Newt, happy again...

From: Josh Burker (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 11:46:22 CDT writes:
>To be fair, the touch of the NuShields is different and may not be for
>everyone, although I've easily gotten used to it. And they are a bit
>But they claim to be good for up to several months each so, if that's
>that certainly nullifies the 5 bucks per buy-in.

I used Concept Kitchen's Write Rights all last spring when I extensively
used my Newton to take notes on the union negotiations I was taking part
in for my school district. I found that they were somewhat difficult to
write on and the HWR suffered a bit, but it was better than risking a
scratched screen.

Then I bought a package of NuShields, and it's like a whole new Newton. I
find them much easier to write on and the HWR is much more accurate (I use
the cursive setting). I like how the NuShields fit under the "lip" around
the screen. I still have a bunch of Write Rights, but I think I'll be
sticking to the NuShields.

Josh Burker

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