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Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 14:26:36 CDT

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The most amusing-and-or-frustrating-depending-on-your-mood thing
about the inevitable virus hoax posting the almost equally
inevitable flurry of follow up posts that admonish the hapless poster
to never send a virus warning to a list again. Perhaps the initial
virus hoax posting was a little bit of chaff that we all could have
done without... but add all the "please don't post these to the
mailing list ever" posts and the "yeah, what he said" posts that go
along with it... including this one... and now we've got a full-on
thread taking up space in our mailboxes...

Please. You're all absolutely right that no virus warning ever needs
posting (we should all know how to protect our own machines and they
usually are hoaxes anyway)... but the "offender" should be told that
in a private email. No need to saturate the list with the

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- mo'

That explains a lot about me, then.
I thought it was the reckless
abandon, the blinding late nights,
the barking mad women, and the
eating of nescafe out of the jar
with a spoon. But it was the Mac.
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