Re: NTLK Columbo's Mystery Capers - explain?

From: Till (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 04:48:34 CDT

Yes, my version of the program is in German. For a beginner, it might
be a bit complex to understand as there is much colloquial-style
German involved as far as I see. But you donīt have to write at all,
just tap and use some checkboxes (the game is indeed quite simple in
structure, but the murder cases can be very hard to solve - however,
there is a hint function).
I got mine from German Ebay. The game is stored on its own card
(which is not cool because you have to fuss with taking out another
card when you want to use it), and it cannot be copied. I paid the
equivalent of 10 or 15 dollars IIRC...


>How interesting. Bill says the English version runs on the older
>Newts...are the instructions in German? Do you have to write in
>German? Simple German? - I'm still learning the language...
>Where can one find that version?
>Cheers, J
>>Itīs about solving crimes. You get a picture of a crime scene where
>>you can tap on people and some things, then you have to say who did
>>it and why and specify the evidence. Seems funny, but I didnīt habe
>>the time to really play it yet.
>>I use the German version of this game on my 2100, but I have no idea
>>whether the original English version will run on newer Newtons.
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