NTLK Re: Virus warnings

From: CM Stimpson (macheel@dialfree.net)
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 02:33:43 CDT

on 8/30/00 8:59 AM, Gruendel, Frank 3837 PPE-WT at
Frank.Gruendel@de.heidelberg.com wrote:

>> If my virus
>> protection software isn't equipped to handle the virus even with updated
>> virus definitions, there is frankly not much I could do to prevent the
> virus
>> from attacking if it ever came my way, assuming that the creator is smart
>> enough to write an automated script which will initiate with very little /
>> no user input.
> Allow me to disagree humbly and with all due respect. A virus protection
> program
> is only as good as the updates. How often do you update your program?
> Hourly?
> Daily? Weekly? Automatically whenever something new comes along?
> When the "I love you" virus surfaced, I got a message about updated
> virus definition files from my virus protection program vendor about one day
> later
> than I had my first infected mail. The reason I knew of its existence before
> was
> because there were people who did their best to communicate the danger to as
> many
> people as possible.
> If ever I was going to program a virus, I would try to make it look like a
> hoax and
> spread the news as wide as possible. This would be the safest way to make it
> successful.
> Frank

Well, Frank, reading on in my original reply to the post, you would find the

> we should assume that they are smart enough to keep track of new viruses on
> their own. If they don't have sense enough to install anti-virus software or
> they choose not to keep track of new viruses, then they probably deserve to
> get smacked with a virus.

(So please, with all due respect, assume that I am smart enough to keep my
viruses updated.)

And earlier in the same post:

> For one....I have sufficient anti-virus protection, as should everyone who
> owns a computer, and the new definitions are automatically downloaded on a
> timed schedule via Virex.

Perhaps I should have been more specific here, but new Virex definitions
come out at the first of each month, or very close to the first.

My timed schedule is set to download near the first of every month.

Any viruses that are extreme and occur "intermittently", I will manually
download a patch as necessary, should one come out.

While I, myself, was aware of your statement, and would have to agree (in
fact, my own original points suggest that I do, I believe), I think that
this was good information for other to see, so thanks for posting.


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