Re: NTLK Official NASP Update - sorry, finally!

Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 09:06:21 CDT

> it is a replacement case you would take the newts case off and put the new
> case on
> it is like the case made by Dave's company Dave Design Dave and I work
> together I sorta help him out retal and I sorta am taking over the newton
> part from out end the manufacturing part Justin thought of the idea and runs
> the web site NASP, I dont know the URL off the top of my head someone might
> know...... anyway I really think Justin can pull it off my getting a lot of
> the community to get one they should look great especially in brushed metal
> :) and when he has the number of people we need to pull it out by making the
> die and see how it comes out :) Wish everyone invloved luck
How about a shell that just clips over the whole lot, so you don't even need
to take off the plastic?

I though of that idea for when dave and I were talking about a handsrping
case because it would be hard to make the ridges it is possible and is a
possibility but it also would be hard to manufacture
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