RE: NTLK New on the list... Few questions

From: Jim Anderson (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 12:01:04 CDT

        Hi, Christian,

        Welcome to the world of the One True Handheld. If I were you (I'm
actually almost you, I got into Newtons a few months ago after owning
various Palms), I'd start with Info-Newt (, and
the Newton FAQ there. It will answer most of your initial questions.
Specifically, look at
for information about the various ways to reset/reinitialize your Newt, and for information on
various ways to sync your Newton with your desktop computer.
        You'll probably also want to check out (at first) This Ol' Newt
(, Planet Newton
( and Newton Resources
( for good, introductory information. Newton
Resources has one section, "The Cage", which includes PDFs of all the
documentation which should have came with your Newton.

        This should get you started. Good luck, and welcome.

Jim Anderson

"Roly-poly fish heads are never seen drinking cappuccino in Italian
restaurants with oriental women...yeah..."

Christian Eduardo wrote:
> I just got the MessagePad 2000 and this little beast is
> impressive ( iam an
> owner of a Visor Handheld )!
> Few questions to the list.
> 1st. How can I initialize ( erase all data ) the Newton?
> 2st. How is the best synchronizer software between Mac OS and
> Newton, and
> how can I synchronize the Palm Desktop ( Claris Organizer )
> data with the
> Newton?
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