Re: NTLK Re: Dropped Newton

From: Wolf Lichtenberger (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 09:12:06 CDT

At 12:42 29.08.00, you wrote:
>Gruendel, Frank said:
> >> I just thought it might be amusing: a couple of weeks ago I accidentally
> >> dropped my case with the Newton inside to the Moskva River from a 10 feet
> >> height - my friend jumped at once (it was not deep there) and grabbed the
> >> case which was full of water but had not sunken yet. I took out the
> >> batteries and let the MP dry at a room temperature for 3 days and it works
> >> fine!!
> >
> > This is not amusing, it is a miracle. Apart from that, it is proof that
> real
> > friendship exists. I hope you stood your friend about 10 gallons of the
> > finest vodka you could get your hand on ;-)
> >
> > Frank
>frank, donıt be silly, even at just 5GBP per bottle thatıs 400GBP or 640
>dollars - you could buy a new newt for that...

Now, Arthur, be reasonable: this guy *saved* the Newt alright, which IMHO
*could* be worth up to the Newts value in vodka.
So i'll side with Frank in this.

YMMV, though (depends on the vodka quality ;-)

-- Wolf

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