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From: Ivan Shaw (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 22:24:43 CDT

At 09:48 PM 8/31/00 -0700, Mister <> wrote:
>You know how on the Palm website.. they have a comparison list of like,
>how many entries the internal memory of the device can hold... what would
>the estimate be for the a mp2000, for a mp2100...

Somewhat irrelevant to many Newton users since most of us have at least one
Flash RAM card (the MP2x00 series you specifically mention have two PCMCIA
slots). If/when Paul Guyot completes the ATA driver, the individual user's
available chump change will be the only limit to available storage.

>how realistic is the possibility of connecting the newt to my cable modem
>with a ethernet card?

Many of us have been using Ethernet connections since Farallon first came
out with their PN595 2 years ago. If your cable modem provider does DHCP or
static IP and hasn't implemented something stupid like PPPoE, you're fine.

>How hard is it to swap/backup/install iMac-to-Newton, Newton-to-iMac...
>compared to the Mac Palm experience.

Sorry - don't use either platform. However, many Mac Newton users have been
syncing with Palm Desktop/Claris Organizer for some time (and they do it
over EtherTalk, not serial cradle).

>what is the top 'words per minute' of the handwriting recognition? I can
>overrun my palm even with it overclocked... :]

Dependent on machine setting and what else is loaded and running. It's also
dependent on how you write (cursive vs print).

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