From: Bill Moser (guillermo1967@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 21:15:39 EST

>how are you going to use Rosetta on a palm sized screen?

Very much the same way I do it on a Newton. The Newton ain't perfect either
(if you want really servicable handwriting data entry, get a $400 Crosspad
and do the recognition on a PC), but it would work much better than Graffiti
or Jot. Both Palm OS and Windows CE are crippled by the lack of word-based
recognition--everything's letter by letter.

It's encouraging to me to see the OS development, because it means the Palm
OS is finally growing up. WinCE has a number of the Newton's hardware
advantages (and a few extra) but the OS is not a handheld OS. If I have to
migrate platforms, I'd much rather it be to a Palm unit. Adding a CF slot,
voice recording, color, etc. negates a lot of Microsoft's advantages.

Bill M.
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