Re: NTLK Chi, how deep are your burns

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 13:58:40 EST

Khaled Tewfik wrote:

> I guess it should be a good practice for every one to put on their flame
> proof vests as they post to this list, it is becoming murder around here,
> tough crowd ;)

Nah, I wouldn't say that it's becoming murder. It's just that some people are
using their MessagePads to receive NewtonTalk, and when someone forgets
"non-written" rules, people struggling on their MP might get problems reading
the digest, or even a single message. So, in frustration, sometimes there are
things that are said which wouldn't be at other times...

We all need to remember that we're a decreasing "family" and that we should all
stick together to help each other. You never know when someone is new to the
list what he can bring later. Maybe he will write the next XPort successor, or
a Java Virtual Machine, or an MP3 player, who knows!!!

So, we all need to be gentle to each other, even if the same questions
(answered in the FAQ) get posted over and over again, and even if sometime
someone forgets something. We're all humans, you know...

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